The Course

Our intensive English course can be specifically tailored to your individual needs. We guarantee a completely immersive English language experience. Each morning, you will have an intensive three hour class with me, Shane. I will provide all of the materials you need.

Our classes focus on the 5 main areas of learning English – Reading, Writing, Listening, Grammar and, most importantly,  Speaking. We aim to provide as much speaking practice as possible, with topics that interest you and situations that you can expect in real life. We also believe that multimedia resources can make a class much more engaging. We use Youtube and BBC rather than a CD player or cassette recorder.

Before you arrive, we will assess your English level to enable us to create  your intensive course. Our resources and experience can help you with General English and Cambridge Exams such as F.C.E and I.E.L.T.S. Class sizes are a maximum of five people, so you will have plenty of interaction with the teacher and opportunities to speak.